About Us

Club Constitution

1. The club will be known as Airdrie and Coatbridge Photographic Club.

2. The object of the club is to promote and encourage the study, practice and knowledge of the art of photography in all its branches.

3. The administration of the club will be the responsibility of a committee elected at the AGM.

4. The Committee will consist of: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Competition Secretary Syllabus Secretary and up to 3 ordinary members.

5. All members of the committee will retire annually but can stand for re-election.

6. Members shall pay an annual subscription set annually at the AGM. 

7. All money shall be lodged in the bank in the name of Airdrie and Coatbridge Photographic Club and operations on the club’s account shall be by any two signatories authorised by the Committee.

8. The AGM of the club shall be before the end of April each year.

9. A report on the year’s proceedings by office bearers together with an audited statement of the club’s financial position at the  1st April shall be submitted to the meeting.

10. The accounts of the club shall be audited by two ordinary members of the club prior to the AGM. The Auditors for the next year shall be appointed at the AGM.

11. The committee may convene a Special General Meeting (SPGM), having the same powers as an AGM.

12. The Secretary may also call a SPGM, within 14 days, on receipt of a written request signed by six members stating the business to be discussed.

13. At all General meetings, the President or acting chair shall have the casting vote.

14. One third of members shall form a Quorum at General Meetings.

15. Four members shall form a Quorum at committee meetings.

16. The Constitution shall only be amended at the AGM or an EGM providing thirty days’ notice is given in writing.

17. The committee have the power to request any member to resign or terminate their membership without explanation. No rebates or repayments shall be payable.

18. No member of the club shall use the club equipment for any business or professional use, or use the club name for personal advertisement.

19. The club can only be dissolved at an AGM or an EGM providing thirty days’ notice is given in writing. Any proceeds from the sale of the club's assets, after payment of all debts, or any equipment remaining shall be distributed to charitable or photographic organisations as agreed by the committee.