Competition rules

Competition Rules

There are two leagues.  League ONE (Advanced) is for those members with more experience of photography and who have participated in previous competitions.

League TWO (Beginner) is for new members with less or no experience and / or have not participated in previous competitions.

The Committee will provide guidance on the selection of the league suitable for members. There will be four bi-monthly competitions i.e. two digital image competitions and two print competitions as well as a final Annual Open Competition at the end of the season. 

A maximum of four digital images or prints can be submitted per competition.  Images can be of any subject. 

An external judge will award a mark out of 20 for each entry, and a total for each member will be recorded.  These totals will be entered onto the league table and after the final bi-monthly competition of the season, the league ONE entrant with the highest score will become the Club Champion and be awarded a trophy for him or her to keep as a permanent memento of their achievement.

There will be a trophy also for the best beginner who will automatically be promoted to the advanced section.

An image or print may only be used once in all of the club bi-monthly competitions but can again be entered into the final open competition. Only digital images may be entered into the Annual Open Competition at the end of the season.

Annual Open Competition.

A maximum of four digital images can be entered into the Annual OPEN competition. Images can be of any subject but must be categorised on the competition entry form and conform to the notes below.   Trophies will be awarded for the best Portrait, best Landscape, best Natural History and the best in the General Section.  A second trophy will be awarded for the best overall image from the four categories.

Notes in Relation to Club Competition


Prints can be any size but all prints must be mounted with a MAXIMUM size for the mount being 20 inch by 16 inch (500mm x 400mm). All prints must be titled on the back and the details included on a competition entry form. No personal details are allowed anywhere on the print. 

Digital Images

Digital images must be supplied on a memory stick accompanied by a completed competition entry form. Landscape format digital images must be titled and resized to 1600 pixels horizontally x 1200 pixels vertically.  Portrait format images must be titled and resized to 1200 pixels vertically with the aspect ratio maintained.  Please ask a member of the committee if you require help in resizing or renaming your images.

Failure to comply with any of the above may result in your image or print being rejected from the competitions.